Brad Dunkley

President | Founding Member

Brad is an Adirondack local with a long history in the outdoors as a ski and rafting professional. Brad is a co-founder of Search and Rescue Response Team as well as an advocate for the use of innovative technology and logistics in the deployment of search and rescue resources in order to accelerate response times and help people in need in more efficient and safer ways.

John Bulmer

Vice President | Public Information Officer | Founding Member

John brings years of backcounty and outdoor experience gained as a commercial and environmental photographer and filmmaker to the team. With a background in communications and photojournalism, John is an asset to the role of Public Information Officer where he coordinates written and visual collateral, website operations, and public outreach. John is a huge proponent of SARRT’s technology-forward approach to search and rescue and ICS management. When not working with SARRT, John can be found behind the camera shooting various editorial and commercial assignments.

Jenn Culver

K9 Training Officer | Founding Member

Jenn brings years of search and rescue experience to the team. She is an experienced and gifted K9 trainer with countless certifications of scenting, trailing, and cadaver dogs. While not serving with SARRT, Jenn is a law enforcement officer. Jenn’s law enforcement and training experience are an important part of SARRT’s readiness where she coordinates all K9 team screenings, trainings, logistics and deployments.

Jenn Dunkley

Secretary | Founding Member

Jennifer was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains where she gained valuable outdoor skills as a life guard and camp counselor. Today, she is a seasoned nurse and search and rescue professional with a passion for training and working with dogs. Jennifer brings enthusiasm and dedication to the team as well as valuable medical training.

John Reyes

Technical Rescue Training Officer | Founding Member

John brings high altitude mountaineering experience to the role of SARRT’s Technical Rescue Training Officer. With ascents in Ecuador, Russia, Africa and Europe, John’s expertise is invaluable for coordinating and executing technical rescue operations and training in a safety-forward manner. With a background in information technology and security, John plays a major role in SARRT’s communications and IT infrastructure as well as incident command logistics. John is a SOLO-certified Wilderness First Responder.

John Sasso

Adirondack Terrain Specialist | Founding Member

John is an avid hiker, spending most weekends hiking in the Adirondacks and mountains of the Northeast where his accomplishments include being an ADK Winter 46er, Catskill 3500, NE111er, and Winter Saranac 6er. John is an asset to the team where he serves as ADK Terrain Expert using his knowledge of the Adirondack park in the planning of search and training operations. John also brings backcountry medical training to SARRT as a SOLO-certified Wilderness First Responder.